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Removing Weeds With Proper Lawn Care

Have a lot of weeds in your backyard? Whether it’s caused by poor maintenance or the soil in your property is just filled with it, you will have to remove it if you don’t want the soil to be taken over by weeds. For a quick and complete removal, hire lawn care experts such as Early Bird Lawn Care and Maintenance Services. We are experts when it comes to removing weeds from properties in the West Columbia, SC area.


When Removing Weeds

Weeds can be tricky to get rid of because of how pervasive they are. If you don’t follow a specific lawn maintenance routine, there is a chance that you will encounter weeds growing in your property. For instance, if you mow the grass too short, the sun will reach the soil, which will then cause weeds to grow. You’ll need to add mulching to your lawn care routine to cover the soil from the sun. If you don’t know where to begin, you can always hire professionals like us to remove those pesky weeds for you.


We Remove Troublesome Weeds!

Our weed removal service isn’t just about plucking them out when they appear. Yes, we do manually take them out because doing so will get rid of the roots and we won’t end up accidentally destroying the grass around it. However, we also take preventive measures and suggest steps to take so that weeds will not grow in your property anymore. From adding mulch to not cutting the lawn too short, we’ll make sure that you follow the right maintenance routine so that fewer weeds will grow. Choose us and your property will be rid of troublesome weeds before you know it!


Early Bird Lawn Care and Maintenance Services offers lawn care services which include weed removal. So, if there are a lot of weeds growing all over your property in West Columbia, SC, there’s no need to hesitate. Contact us at (803) 567-0548 right away!



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